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For 20 years and counting Hair Kingdom has become to be known as the salon of downtown Great Bridge, next to Mister Jim's subs. We are constantly fund raising for charities in need and more importantly, always having fun, and making our clients feel like royalty.

Our employment goal is to build a team that works well together with the same common interests. We realize it's all about focusing on our clients wants and needs while building lasting relationships. That is why we begin each experience with an in depth consultation. We're interested in our clients daily routine, work habits, as well as their hobbies and physical appearances. This helps us to customize their hair care needs to their personality and more importantly help them achieve the same results when they get home.

With our combined years of experience we have chosen to expand our services beyond hair care. This keeps our focus on what we do as a TEAM, which we have enjoyed doing for years.. "TAKING CARE OF YOUR HAIR." Come visit us today at Hair Kingdom where you're always treated like royalty.

Our Services Include:

Haircuts and styles for men, women and children

Balayage and Ombré

Multi-Dimensional coloring

Texture Waves

Up-dos and formal hair


Facial Waxing

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